Colorado Real Estate Outlook for 2020

Colorado has become an increasingly popular place to live in the United States, with beautiful scenery and things to do no matter what time of year. 

With that, more and more people have begun moving to Colorado, making housing prices in and around Denver increase steadily over recent years. 


The housing market in Colorado has been steadily increasing, with a rise of 3.5% over 2019. However, this increase is predicted to slow down a little. According to, the Colorado housing market is predicted to increase by only 2% during the year 2020. 

Foreclosures will also be an impact for many homeowners and buyers alike during the coming year. 

Home Value Index

The home index value of homes in Colorado began in January 2019 at $378K and is predicted to finish in December 2019 at $383K. 

In 2020 the home value is predicted to be $389K by September 2020. 

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