Best Places to Live in Steamboat Springs, CO

The little mountain town of Steamboat Springs has a population of just over 12,000, but the serene views of classic Colorado wilderness in the Rockies mean that Steamboat Springs also has a median home value of $456,000.

For those who can afford to shell out a little extra cash to own a slice of paradise, there a several great neighborhood options to consider in the Steamboat Springs area. 

Old Town

As the name suggests, Old Town is a historic neighborhood in Steamboat Springs. Most of the houses here were built around 100 years ago, so the streets are full of old time charm, with a few modern additions sprinkled in.

This means that everything from shabby bungalows to newly built townhomes line the Old Town streets. Because of the variety of housing types, a home in Old Town can range from around $500,000 to many times that amount, but they all provide the same proximity to local attractions. 

The Mountain

The area closest to the Steamboat Ski area is collectively known as The Mountain. Homes in this area range from grandiose mansions to comfortable condos, but some shrewd buyers purchase real estate here to rent out during popular ski months and turn a profit.

Of course, the largest draw for The Mountain is the skiing opportunity. Some spaces can be purchased for a relatively modest price in the $300,000 range, but others veer into the millions, so a wide disparity exists in the financial positions of this area’s residents. 

Silver Spur


An idyllic development with classic Steamboat views, Silver Spur is perfect for families looking to put down roots in this ski town. Just a few miles west of Old Town, this area offers great value with large lots and newly built homes, some even with professionally designed landscaping.

With square footage in the range of 3,000-4,000, homes in Silver Spur start around $600,000 so although they’re more cost effective than houses in some other neighborhoods, they’ll still require a pretty penny. All of this means that Silver Spur is great for those who have already had time to save for a home where they plan to stay indefinitely. 

Few people wouldn’t love the opportunity to live in an area as breathtaking as Steamboat Springs, and these three neighborhoods are bound to provide the best lifestyle the area has to offer for all sorts of residents. 

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